Come see Burch's Karate Demo Team Perform!

April 12th and 13th

Scottsdale Stadium
7408 East Osborn Road
Scottsdale, AZ

*This event is in support of the Desert Dog Regional
Police K-9 Trials  


April 27th 
Laser Quest Outing
for Black Belt 
and Masters Club!
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Spring Schedules


Black Belt Club

Master's Club

Summer Schedule:

The Dojo is closed for 2 weeks during each summer month and then followed by Intensive Training classes
2 weeks of the month and you or your child receive a month of training in the 2 week Intensive Training.  

Summer Schedule:
June 1-14- Closed
June 16-28- Intensive Training

July 30-July 12-Closed
July 14-26- Intensive Training


3141 E. Beardsley Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Certified School

Burch's Karate

Burch’s Karate is a true family experience. We are the only Martial Arts school in the valley to offer “Family Classes” for ages 5 and up. Parents and siblings can be in the same class making it very convenient for today’s busy families. If mom and dad would rather watch their children we have great waiting area for you!

Burch’s Karate combines Ryukyu Kempo (Okinawan Karate), Kyusho Jitsu (George Dillman's Pressure Point theories) with Remy Presas' Modern Arnis (Phillipino Stick Fighting) and Wally Jay's Small Circle Ju-Jitsu. Students are taught to combine all four arts for the best martial arts education available today. To try and get the same experience, you would have to go to four different Martial Arts studios. However, there is no other studio with this knowledge or expertise in Arizona.

Anyone who joins Burch’s Karate in Phoenix, Arizona is guaranteed to have more fun than you can imagine while learning "Real Karate" which will enrich your life. So whether you're 3 or 72, Burch’s Karate has something for you and that is a guarantee.

Making America Stronger... One Black Belt at a Time!